What You Should Know About Replacing Windows for Energy Efficiency

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Your home’s windows bring in light and help you control the airflow into and out of your home. They can be a leaky problem for your home and your budget if they are old, loose, and surrounded by cracks and gaps in the frames.


Why Replace Windows?

Windows are the key to your home’s thermal envelope, either keeping out drafts, pests like insects and rodents, and dirt and water, or allowing these annoyances into your home to affect the comfort and safety of your living space. It may seem like a huge expense to replace the windows in your house, but energy-efficient windows will pay for themselves over time by drastically affecting heating and cooling costs, as well as preventing damage from water and pests that can get into a defective thermal envelope. And First Place Glass can help with special financing through the Hero Program. Trying to improve the energy efficiency of older inefficient windows may be a stop gap, but won’t provide the same sustainable lower heating, cooling, and lighting costs as new energy-efficient windows.

Energy Performance

Energy Star®’s minimum energy performance ratings criteria by climate help homeowners figure out what type of windows would be best for their homes and locations. It’s important to consider window energy performance, your climate, and your home’s design when looking for replacement windows. First Place Glass can help you understand window energy performance ratings, special coatings and glazing, and what would work best for your home.

Your Home’s Orientation

Your home’s orientation is just as important as climate when replacing windows. In hot climates, installing windows with low solar heat gain co-efficients and shading south-facing windows effectively reduces cooling costs. In colder climates, most of the home’s windows should face south to collect solar heat in winter. Low e-glass, glass with low emissivity from glazing of microscopically thin metal on the surface of the glass, and tinted glass help reduce heat transfer to filter out heat transmitted through window glass.

If you’re thinking about replacing your home’s windows, but are wondering what type of windows you need and how you’ll pay for them, call First Place Glass. We’ll help you understand energy efficient windows, coatings and tints, and financing. We also handle other types of glass including shower doors and auto glass, and we’re there with emergency services when you need them 

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